Monday, November 29, 2010

Bello Photography

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" Initiated by two co-founders, William Chang and Frankie Po, Bello Enterprise (better known as Bello Photography) set its footprint in Kuching three years ago. "

Comprising a group of five hobbyist photographers, the interest-based photography studio with an initial RM150,000 capital, is currently located at second floor of Rock Commercial Centre.

According to Chang, Bello Photography worked on versatility and concept flexibility in tendering photography shoots to its customers. It specialised in portrait photography as well as wedding and commercial photography.

Chang said, "Since many photography studios are mostly catering to wedding functions, we are exploring the commercial photography market which include business team profiles, company products and foods to yield our mainstream revenue."

Inheritance of quality pictures from the older to the younger generations were priceless as they restored the classic moments of older loved ones among the younger generation.

With a strong belief to capture these precious moments, Chang and his group of photographers reach out to clients ranging from private individuals to public corporations with these moment-preserving snaps.

"Our mission is to combine technical proficiency with aesthetic intuition to produce rich, beautiful and effective photographs. This is to meet the brand’s parameters of commercial image creation," Chang enthused.

The studio offered medium-priced services such as commercial and advertisement shoot, events and professional photography coverage, wedding day photojournalism, studio portraits, lifestyle portraits and graduation portraits.

Among these, commercial takes were emphasised at Bello Photography's, he said.

With Bello Photography's competitive advantage, Chang was embracing new launch of customised, selective packages to its clientele this November.

This launch of customer-centric packages would enable customers to pick and subscribe to their preferred phototaking services.

As flexible as it was in prioritising customers' demands, Bello Photography offered mobile photographers to customers where customers could pick their own destinations to conduct photograph sessions instead of studio restricted scene sets.

Thus far, Bello Photography's services had reached Sabah, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Australia by invitations, he revealed.

Chang opined that, "There is a gap in photography aside the current hype in covering wedding events. Commercial shoot is one area where Bello Photography will be venturing into and prospering with."

To date, many big players tend to brand their companies through product shots, be it products and services per se, or through human talents that they have. In this instance, commercial photoshooting can be a very lucrative niche, he said.

Chang hoped to span Bello Photography studios out to districts like Sibu and Bintulu by next year relying on word-of-mouth marketing technique, magazine publications and of course high photography satisfaction from customers.

He summed up by saying that, "Commercial photography may be a good spot to progress but seeing the middle barriers of entry into this photography realm, funeral ceremonies can be another pool of wealth to curb insolvency once commercial photoshooting becomes obsolete."

"However, conservative Malaysians are thwarting this idea currently due to their strong beliefs. Maybe as their readiness to keep memory traces of their late ones are invoked, then this niche will stand a chance to grow further," Chang concluded.

Source: Borneo Post Online

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