Saturday, October 16, 2010

Clocky Alarm Clock

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" This mobile alarm clock won't rest, or stay in one place, until you get up. "

According to Nanda Home, the creators of the Clocky alarm clock, 40% of people 'abuse' the snooze button on their alarm clock. I would be one of those people.

This little monster of an alarm clock aims to cure you of your snooze button abuse - by running away.

If you wake up and turn Clocky ($39) off in the morning, you're good to go. If you press the snooze button, Clocky will jump from your nightstand (from 3 feet) and roll around your room beeping until you physically get up, find it, and turn it off.

It may seem a little cruel, but for those with trouble getting up in the morning, this ingenious device just might do the trick.

Clocky's smaller, high-tech brother, Tocky ($69), works in the same way but can record voice messages or sounds and upload MP3s to wake you.

We offer a standard 90 day return warranty for product that is determined to be defective. We will happily refund or replace your item at no additional charge.

How loud is Clocky?
Our Clockies have a very loud alarm clock. The reading is 83 db at 1 meter and 100 db at 85 mm.

How much space is available to record sound in Tocky?
Tocky holds 100 MB of flash memory space which translates to 6 hours of recorded sound using Tocky's built-in microphone, or roughly 2 hours of MP3s.

How long does Tocky move?
When the alarm sounds, Tocky moves around for 30 seconds and will continue sounding for 10 minutes.

Source: Digital Trends

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ASPeMusik October 16, 2010 at 10:58 PM  

assalamualaikum wr wb hour unique

posting interesting information technology

may you always be successful ... greetings

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