Friday, January 8, 2010

InterShelter Portable Building

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"Don Kubley says he is "as mechanical as a stump." But that hasn't stopped the fourth-generation Alaskan from developing a business around a nifty piece of engineering: a portable building that looks like an igloo (with a door and windows) and can be assembled by hand."

Kubley says pieces of his InterShelter dome fit together like fish scales and can be stacked in the back of a pickup truck, a noteworthy quality for customers looking to transport units to hard-to-reach locations.

The standard 314-sq.-ft. structure retails for $12,500 and is available from dealers in a dozen countries as well as online.

Kubley, 56, credits architect Craig Chamberlain, a former student of geodesic dome inventor R. Buckminster Fuller, with dreaming up the design and says he bought the rights to commercialize it two years ago.

After a protracted search, Kubley recently found a manufacturer in Idaho to build kits.

So far, Kubley, a former consultant who says he ran a fleet of charter boats out of Juneau for 20 years, has raised $250,000 from friends and family.

Though 2008, revenue was only around $140,000.

Kubley says he is negotiating with the U.S. military and Afghan authorities and projects up to $5 million in sales in 2009.

Source: BusinessWeek

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Anonymous,  January 21, 2010 at 4:52 AM  

These are fantastic shelters!! If you live in Washington State you can go to the Super Mall in Auburn to see one that is in the parking lot and decked out with a loft, pantry, bathroom and closet. For more information on the display dome please see

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