Thursday, January 7, 2010

Classical Music to Calm Poultry

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"Do you want to improve the quality of your poultry flocks? Just play them some Chinese classical music. An increasing number of Chinese poultry producers are serenading their hens, with impressive results."

Mr. Wu is a poultry farmer in Jiangsu Province. His farm has been using an innovative way to produce the best quality meat from his birds. He plays music every day to his 5,000 chickens. He believes it not only relaxes the animals, but also boosts production.

Mr. Wu, one poultry farmer said "We turn on the stereo at 10 a.m. every day. If we don't turn it on, the birds refuse to eat."

Mr. Wu says Chinese classical works are the best for his chickens. He usually plays Chinese GuZheng Or SuoNa Music before feeding them. He says those two instruments are good for the chicken's spleens and lungs.

By raising healthier chickens, he says he is able to improve the quality of the meat he produces.

Mr. Wu said "We begin playing them music when they are just a few days old."

Mr. Wu says that his chickens are genuinely fond of the music. And they even show a preference for different types of rhythms on different days. To accommodate their musical tastes, Mr. Wu keeps a list of the music played, along with the daily feeding record.

Mr. Wu said "The chickens eat everything in the forest, like all the bugs and vegetables. Sometimes they climb the trees when they get outside. But once the music starts playing at 10 a.m., they immediately return to be fed."

Mr. Wu says that his musically inclined chickens have become his best-selling product. He has sold over 3,000 this year. Mr. Wu says that the music drowns out other noise in the shed, making the birds more peaceful and healthy.

But the technique is not entirely new. Earlier research has shown that playing music to other animals can also improve their mood.

Some dairy farmers have already been playing relaxing music in their cow sheds. The method could help many other farmers boost the quality and quantity of their products.

Source: CCTV

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